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Tips and Tricks

Importing Settings (mtpref files)

To import mtpref files to your Minimalistic Text installation copy the mtpref file(s) to "/sdcard/MinimalisticTextPreferences".
After that you can use these new Preferences by the following steps:

  1. create a new widget using the desired size
  2. in the widget preferences tap "restore"
  3. choose the mtpref file you want to apply
  4. save the preferences by backing out or hitting the "OK" button

Add a divider between variables

To add a divider between variables simply use a static text variable and set its text to "|" for example.

Minimalistic Text doesn't show up in the widget selection

Make sure that Minimalistic Text is installed on the phone memory. Some custom ROMs and / or apps allow to force apps to the sd card even if they don't support this. Minimalistic Text doesn't support this.
Background: Android / the Launcher looks for Widgets after Android has been booted. If the sd card isn't mounted at that point of time (and this will be likely the case) Minimalistic Text widgets aren't recognized.

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Old Minimalistic Text version

Minimalistic Text v2.6.3 (Android 1.6)

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