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Set Minimalistic Text variables from your own app

To set Minimalistic Text variables from your own app you can use a part of the Locale plugin system that Minimalistic Text uses.
You have to send a broadcast that contains the right action, the variable name and the variable content.

Sample Code
private void SendToMinimalisticText(Context context, String varName, String varContent)
    Intent sendintent = new Intent("com.twofortyfouram.locale.intent.action.FIRE_SETTING");
    // important that we only target minimalistic text widget, and not all Locale plugins
    sendintent.setClassName("de.devmil.minimaltext", "de.devmil.minimaltext.locale.LocaleFireReceiver");
    sendintent.putExtra("de.devmil.minimaltext.locale.extras.VAR_NAME", varName);
    sendintent.putExtra("de.devmil.minimaltext.locale.extras.VAR_TEXT", varContent);

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